Fashion and Food Bloggers

Fashion Bloggers

  • Alex Loves

    Alex Loves

    Originally from Belgian, Alex earnt her fashion stripes at ELLE Belgium and Wallpaper magazine before branching out on her own in 2009…Style Lab

  • Bag Snob

    Bag Snob

    Born from a shared passion, two designer bag lovers created, The blog is now the go-to site for purse enthusiasts looking for the latest…Style Lab



    Belmodo is the blog of dutch stylist and presenter Tiany Kiriloff who has worked for a number of fashion publications, interviewing designers…Style Lab

  • Caroline Daily

    Caroline Daily

    Native parisian Caroline has transformed her style diary into an online magazine that combines events with beauty and fashion trends.Style Lab

  • Dandy Diary

    Dandy Diary

    Founded by two writers with a wealth of international experience, Dandy Diary describes itself as “a fashion blog for men, women and ladyboys”…Style Lab

  • Fashiolista

    Fashiolista is where bloggers, celebs and fashion insiders go for inspiration and to compose lists of their favorite pieces.Style Lab

  • Fashion's Collective

    Fashion’s Collective

    Launched officially in July 2010 as an independent publication, Fashion’s Collective covers all aspects of digital marketing, from the perspective…Style Lab

  • Fashiontography


    Featuring all the latest up to the minute editorials from top international publications, this fashion forward blog showcases the hottest models of the moment…Style Lab

  • Fashionbite

    Fashion Bite

    Online Editor and freelance journalist Emily Seares’ has contributed on a host of notable fashion sites and was featured in Vogue’s Online Fashion 100…Style Lab

  • Ivânia Diamond

    Ivânia Diamond

    Including food and small design details in her style diary, portugese blogger Ivânia shares her ideas, inspiration and dreams with her readers on a daily basis.Style Lab

  • Josie Loves

    Josie Loves

    This Munich based blog combines fashion, beauty and lifestyle news from all over Germany.Style Lab

  • katelovesme

    Kate Loves Me

    Stylish party boy Pelayo Dìaz Zapico documents his latest fashion crushes and events all over the world on his widely followed blog…Style Lab

  • Lyst


    Beautiful, aspirational list making is a lyst speciality, however having recently teamed up with social network Pintrest the site can now help…Style Lab

  • Mademoiselle Robot

    Mademoiselle Robot

    London based Madamemoiselle and Monseiur Robot combine their passion for fashion, travel and style to create a light hearted insight into trends…Style Lab

  • Haibao


    A hub for Chinese fashionistas, is well known as the“fashion encyclopedia”in the Chinese world. Editors from such publications as…Style Lab

  • Monsieur RobotMonsieur Robot

    London based Madamemoiselle and Monseiur Robot combine their passion for fashion, travel and style to create a light hearted insight into trends from all over the world.Style Lab

  • Nsmbl


    Piecing together the daily puzzle called life, NSMBL combines features on fashion, love, food and art for women who want to be inspired.Style Lab

  • Red Carpet Fashion Award

    Red Carpet Fashion Award

    Red Carpet Fashion Awards gives it’s many readers up to the minute news and trends from events and red carpets all over the world.Style Lab

  • Song of Style

    Song of Style

    Aimee Song’s blog gives it’s readers an instant hit of laid back California cool. The LA native, who is an interior designer by profession…Style Lab

  • Style Scrapbook

    Style Scrapbook

    Documenting her carefully curated outfits and fashionable finds, Andy Torres works the latest trends into her daily style diary.Style Lab

  • Styleclicker

    Style Clicker

    As well as a selection of Munich based creatives, Styleclicker has a range of international contributors s who mix well together and give the blog a mix of street style…Style Lab

  • The Bag Hag Diaries

    The Bag Hag Diaries

    The Bag Hag diaries follows the international adventures of this Philipino fashionista as she travels the world and goes backstage at some of the hottest events…Style Lab

  • The Blonde Salad

    The Blonde Salad

    Chiara Ferragni’s personal style diary mixes designer must haves with unique finds from her travels to some of the world fashion capitals…Style Lab

  • The Icon Concierge

    The Icon Concierge

    Based out of Beverly Hills, California The Icon Concierge is an innovative style house dedicated to updating, informing and advising individuals on the latest trends…Style Lab

  • The Red Dot

    The Red Dot

    Italian blogger Alessia combines her elegant illustrations with a range of fashion influences to make beautiful collages that capture the mood of this…Style Lab

  • The Sea of Fertility

    The Sea of Fertility

    Artist, illustrator and fashionista Xiaoxi (Nancy) Zhang is based in Berlin but travels the world with her blog…Style Lab

  • Tuula


    Tuula takes you into Jessica Stein’s fun and feminine world of fashion musings from around the world. Combining detail shots from her travels with outfit posts…Style Lab

  • Wendy's Lookbook

    Wendy’s Lookbook

    Wendy Nguyen’s sweet and upbeat style diary and short videos are fashion concious as well as having a lovely story behind them…Style Lab

  • wymanwong

    Wyman Wong

    Hong Kong based Wyman Wong is famous for his numerous musical and acting accomplishments as well as his fashion forward sense of style…Style Lab

  • Zanita


    Professional model and blogger Zanita has a great sense of humour that is evident in her quirky take on the latest trends. A self taught photographer she has a great eye for…Style Lab

Food Bloggers


    Al Femminile

    Not only covering italian and international food, this online magazine is packed full of hints and tips for the modern woman…Style Lab

  • Gnam Box

    Gnam Box

    Gnam box is by two designers/creative directors from Milan and combines two italian specialities effortlessly; food and design. Mixing different types of media…Style Lab

  • La cucina di calycanthus

    La Cucina di Calycanthus

    Documenting the food forays of two friends and a photographer, this charming blog was created by friends who have tackled life’s ups and downs…Style Lab

  • La Cucina Italiana

    La Cucina Italiana

    Created in 1929 in Milan, La Cucina Italiana is an international brand and the 1st reference magazine for Italian cuisine.Style Lab

  • Juls' Kitchen

    Juls’ Kitchen

    In true Tuscan style, Juls’ Kitchen involves her whole family (and even her sweet old dog) who work their way into her adventures and mouth watering traditional recipes.Style Lab

  • L'orto di Michelle

    L’orto di Michelle

    In this simple and elegant blog, Mirco compares elements of design and fashion to the vegetables grown in his own allotment…Style Lab


    Style It

    Following the latest happenings in italian food, takes it’s fashion conscious ethos and applies it to the world of food and culinary excellence.Style Lab

  • The Curious Eater

    The Curious Eater

    Sofie’s curiosity for her surroundings led her to create a blog exploring them, follow her on her adventures around Tuscany as she explores questions such as…Style Lab

  • Vanity Food

    Vanity Food

    With a touch of Vanity Fair’s inimitable Hollywood infused glamour, the historic magazine’s food section is full of the latest celebrity diet tips, recipes…Style Lab