“Technicolor Dream” Designer Focus: Charlotte Ronson

Born in London and raised in New York, Charlotte Ronson comes from a very artistic background and naturally followed into the family tradition by developing her own unique style at an early age and going on to study at NYU. Her “C. Ronson” collection launched in 2000 and was then a small line of vintage inspired tees. The brand grew and eventually became Charlotte Ronson, opening its first flagship boutique in New York’s hip Nolita neighbourhood.


How did you venture into fashion?

Charlotte Ronson: I’ve always been interested in the arts and fashion so after graduation I spent my time making custom vintage tees for my friends and it just took off from there.

What is the best advice you got so far?

Charlotte Ronson: My mother used to tell me when I was younger that I should find something I love and go for it.

What does fashion mean to you?

Charlotte Ronson: Fashion has the ability to define an era. I have always been fascinated by the way each decade is so recognizable by the fashion of the time. It is impossible to identify while in the moment, but then so easy to see in hindsight. As a designer I love studying this evolution and creating a seasonal look by mixing current trends with references from my favourite time periods of seasons past.

Can you explain your creative process?

Charlotte Ronson: Research to find inspiration from art, music, stories in history, different cultures and people. Once the general theme is decided on, we get into more detail and look at inspiration from vintage archives, books and old prints from the library to shopping flea markets, researching decades and cultures. We then narrow down to the styles and ideas that we love and work on making the designs runway ready.

What is your fashion theory?

Charlotte Ronson: Less is more. I have always been a girly girl, but find effortless beauty the signature of good style. I love to mix feminine and grunge. I design for the girl whose femininity comes out in her confidence and is reflected in the ease of her style.