Born in Barcelona, Maria Escote Spain grew up in an artistic milieu: her father is a painter and her mother works as an artisan, restoring fabrics. After returning from London where she studied Fashion Drawing at the iconic Central Saint Martins College of Art, Maria founded her own label, focusing on made-to-measure.
“I always thought I would become a painter, but as soon as I got into the family business (restoring Chanel and Hermés fabrics), I felt like this was only my first step in the world of fashion.” Maria Escote

How did you venture into fashion?
Maria Escote – For as long as I can remember, all my clothes were homemade and there were always magazines with patterns lying around the house. From an early stage I realized that I could make my own designs and loved exploring these possibilities. At 20 I enrolled in the fashion design academy which led me to work for Antonio Miró for a year before moving to London.

What is the best advice you got so far?
Maria Escote – My mother always said to me “Always keep your eyes wide open, you’ll never stop learning, always be yourself in the end, make your own decisions and stick to them.”

What was your first passion and how does this passion manifest itself today?
Maria Escote – My first passion was drawing. To this day I take every opportunity I can to visit exhibitions where I instantly get inspired by all sorts of techniques and colors.

What does fashion mean to you?
Maria Escote – Fashion to me is another way of expressing yourself as an artist. It’s an artistic business.

Can you explain your creative process?
Maria Escote – I usually start with a million ideas, from all kinds of sources such as music, art, street style, friends, cinema, books and more. The bulk of the work it seems is shredding them and reconfiguring the ideas until I realize my own concept. From this point onwards I start to actually draw the collection and the attitude of the new show.

What is your fashion theory?
Maria Escote – Feel free. No taboos. Wear what you want to wear.