Having grown up on an old farm house on the countryside in Bavaria, in a very liberal household, this young German rising star fashion embraced his liberal household upbringing.
“All I did was play outside with my dog and my friends. We used to dress up in hand crafted fantasy-costumes and built castles in the woods. I guess that was my first fashion experience.” Michael Sontag.
Michael’s work is a fluent progressive process, evolving from season to season. With this approach he wants to blur the common fashion borders and create a generality detached from fashion parameters such as seasons, trends and consumer ages.

How did you venture into fashion?
Michael Sontag: There are many artists in my family, so my parents always encouraged me to be creative and when I decided to study fashion they simply told to go for it. Deciding to study fashion design was quite a spontaneous idea.

What is the best advice you got so far?
Michael Sontag: To do what you believe in, what you really want, what you love and what you feel to be true to yourself. There is nothing to be scared of.

What does fashion mean to you?
Michael Sontag: Personally it is my way of express myself. It is all about the process, to have an idea become reality and then communicate this idea as a conscious development. From a consumer point of view I find it interesting how people decide to wear something or not and I think that on a subconscious level there is a hidden narrative in the creation of every outfit. This is what really interests me about fashion: when the identity of the garment itself and the wearer grow together.

Can you explain your creative process?
Michael Sontag: My whole design-process is an experiment. I have no concrete picture in mind (at least not consciously). I let the dress; body and fabric lead me. When I find a form I like, I analyze it and play with it, always questioning how I could I push it further?