At 16 years of age, Shi Huang travelled to the Netherlands and graduated from “Rietveld Academy” where he majored in fashion design. For the following 15 years he worked in fashion design, production and retail with a focus on the luxury industry. His life is mirrored in his designs as he draws inspiration from the world around him and believes in following the heart.

How did you venture into fashion?
Shi Huang: I’ve been learning art, specifically painting since when I was very young. To me, fashion is not only about design but also a form of art to fall in love with. I majored in fashion design at college and stepped into the business naturally after graduating.

What is the best advice you got so far?
Shi Huang: In fact, I received a lot of advice and warnings which all helped me during the past years. I appreciate every bit of advice and wisdom that people are willing to share. However, I really do believe that one should walk his own path because success is unique and not everyone fits within the same circumstance. Follow your heart, and you’ll learn from the success or failure one way or another.

What was your first passion and how does this passion manifest itself today?
Shi Huang: I always wanted to create the perfect woman so I started and am still working on this goal now. I have an image of the goddess in the bottom of my heart which inspires me to use whatever method I am capable of to achieve this look.

What does fashion mean to you?
Shi Huang: Fashion means freedom for me, my mind, my spirit, my philosophy, my emotion, and everything else about me.

Can you explain your creative process?
Shi Huang: I get inspired by daily life in general, whether alone or surrounded by friends. I capture the spirit of every little bit of experience I have and fuse it into the design.

What is your fashion theory?
Shi Huang: Believe what you are, and do what you love.