Stine Riss grew up in a small town in the South of Denmark, where everybody knows each other. Travelling filled her with the desire to live abroad and explore something different, to get out of her comfort zone and make things happen. A 2011 graduate of the London College of Fashion in Womenswear Fashion Design Technology in 2011 Stine won the H&M Design Award in February 2012 and founded her own brand ” R II S”.
“To combine my interest in business with my creativity through fashion and to start my own brand from sketch has always been a dream.” Stine Riis

How did you venture into fashion? Can you tell us a bit about it.
Stine Riis: Craftsmanship is something that runs in the family and I have always loved to make stuff with my hands. When I had to choose my educational pathway I decided to go for fashion as it felt natural to me despite the fact that everybody told me that it is a though industry. I like challenges!

What is the best advice you got so far?
Stine Riis: Be true to yourself and believe in yourself and the decisions that you make. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Fashion is such a fast moving industry and you can easily get lost, therefore it is important to remember who you are.

What was your first passion and how does this passion manifest itself today?
Stine Riis: I’m a bit of a collector. From an early age I collected all sorts of objects. Another passion was drawing and for me this was like entering a different world entirely. Today these two passions are an essential part of my work as a designer.

What does fashion mean to you?
Stine Riis: Fashion is a great way to express change, personality, and mood. I like how the present is reflected in the clothes we wear. Personally I like to wear my clothes for years, especially my jackets. They hold a lot of memories and I love how you can dress and feel a certain way.

Can you explain your creative process?
Stine Riis: Usually I choose a word that gives me a focus and direction for the whole creation process to evolve in my head. Contemporary art is an important form of inspiration to me, I like to immerse myself into an idea or way of thinking and try to apply this to the collection. I collect ideas now in my visual diary just as I used to collect objects.

What is your fashion theory?
Stine Riis: Quality over quantity. Functionality, simplicity, an eye for details and colour!