Lacoste L!ve

The incandescent style of the Lacoste L!ve woman is apparent in her ability to become a different heroine every day of the season.

The POLAR POP theme is based on a young woman during the winter months, when there is more going on inside. With pastel tops and delicate denim, this youthful look is epitomized by the Claudine collar top that features the signature crocodile appliqué detail and has a vintage appeal. The Harrington is an adaptable jacket that can be worn through the cooler months as summer changes to winter.


Thanks to the combination of the warm and cozy paneling and the cute guys, the library is a great refuge in winter. Tops with book prints can be worn with pleated skirts to give the perfect preppy edge to a look that is modern with a sense of naivety. The LOVE STORY IN THE LIBRARY theme has a chromatic colour scheme ranging from bold tones to light grays. Perfect for the sweetheart, the Teddy jacket paired with the classic polo are a perfect match for the good boys who want to get the girls.
Finally, the girls have something important to tell their families!

The Lacoste L!ve man is approaching new horizons through three different roads that all lead to the same destination.

Is there one child who hasn’t dreamed of sailing across the oceans and exploring the arctic circles? The first theme recalls these years thanks to the contrast of strong colours layered with delicate tones. Waxed items in primary colours with map prints, now there is no longer any danger of getting lost! Ribbed knit velvet and denim pieces are perfect for modern, intrepid explorers.

It’s time to choose which side you’re on! The second theme plays with classic American collegiate style. The emblem of the “University of Lacoste” is proudly printed on wool sweaters and polo shirts in vermilion red, black and military green. The Teddy jacket in brushed fabrics will the lighten the spirits of the super macho soul whilst a blazer is perfect for more formal occasions.


With the last theme, we adventure into an unknown land with exquisite natural colours, moss green, medlar yellow, night blue. The classic crocodile appears all over polo shirts whilst a world map print is used on other items. Sweaters with Norwegian style prints add a fresh finishing touch. Get your jackets and lets go outside and play!